We breed for quality not quantity!

We do not breed often as we only breed when we are wanting something ourselves. The goal is beautiful, structurally sound, stable temperament and healthy bullmastiffs. We compete in working events so our dogs need to be strong and healthy. We have a waiting list for puppies typically. If you are not willing to wait a year sometimes longer for one of our puppies, no point in applying. We don't breed for money, we breed to improve our beloved breed and want owners who adore this breed as much as we do.

  • Health, Temperament, Structure, Soundness
  • Breed Improvement, Breed Longevity
  • Lifetime breeder support and education
Sycalcade Puppy Ownership

What we expect

We expect you to properly socialize your puppy, to train your puppy and spend time with your puppy.  Bullmastiff's are not a breed to take home and forget about. They love to be with you and do things with you. If you cannot commit to spending time with your puppy to give it the life tools needed to be a well adjusted dog in life, then don't get one. They need strong leadership and consistent rules. If you have very busy children, they need a safe space that they can go to and the kids know NOT to bother them there. You must set your puppy up to succeed and that comes from you. Teach your kids respectful dog ownership as well. We breed for the great temperament but you mold their experiences through key fear periods.

We will suggest great books to read and use as a reference so you can ensure you are doing all you can at the right time. We like to keep in touch with our buyers to ensure their success and answer their questions. 

  • Puppy Obedience Classes
  • Proper nutrition and Grooming, Trim those nails!
  • A safe, caring, loving environment
  • Proper Housing and safe spaces
The Sycalcade Family

It just keeps growing!

We love to hear from our puppy buyers and we are so very proud of the great homes we have. Whether your puppy grows to be the very best friend of yours, your kids or nieces and nephews and grandchildren or your puppy becomes a star in working or conformation events - we salute you!  Thank you for being wonderful dog guardians!

BIS Ch Sycalcade's Dare Push the Limit, CGN, RM, CD, CRNMCL, RATN, Silver Versatility

Max is owned and loved by Shelly. They have accomplished some amazing things together - first bullmastiff to get a Rally Obedience Masters title, winner of the HQS at the 2019 National Specialty, Best In Show to finish his conformation Championship and they are still competing!  They are a team we are so proud of here!


Do the work, reap the benefits!

Bullmastiff's are the best breed, they really are, but they need leadership and consistent training.  Do the work in their first year of life and you will have the best dog you have ever owned. 

Dog Training

When Pigs Fly by Jane Kilion

So Your Dogs Not Lassie by Betty Fisher

Puppy Development - Another piece of the puzzle by Pat Hastings and Erin Ann Rouse


Janice Gunn

Michael Ellis

Puppy Culture

YouTube also has a lot of helpful short videos