Our Introduction

Bullmastiff's are like potato chips - you can't have just one!

Our family lives on a grain farm in central Alberta, Canada.  We currently have horses, cattle and of course our beautiful bullmastiffs.

We came to the bullmastiff breed in 2003 after the loss of our beloved Doberman – Saber.  We decided we should try another breed that would not chase our cattle or horses.  We researched for a breed that would be great with our very young girls at the time, would intimidate enough to keep our place safe but would not chase the livestock.  We found the bullmastiff. Our first was Kash – an unregistered bullmastiff that sealed the deal for our love of the breed.

The family keeps growing.

When you get a puppy from us, you become part of the family. 

Top Awards

Our dogs and their owners have worked hard and received firsts in Canada for bullmastiffs in Rally Excellence, Rally Masters, Sprinter, Chase Ability and Trick Dog AOM. We have many dogs with Versatility Medallions.


We don't breed often, but when we do it is a match that has been well thought out.


We breed for beauty and brains. We encourage all our owners to train their dogs and we will help whenever we can.

Amazing Team

Meet our bullies!

Tuff - GCh Sycalcade Eight Seconds to Win

Foundation Sire - Platinum Versatility Medallion - American Ch, Can GCH, CGN, CD, RE, ETD, CCF3, CRN, THDN, TT, RATI, first bullmastiff with a TD-ROM.

Kingsley - Ch Sycalcade's Triple Crown Winner

Sire of Louise and Wrigley. He lives with a young family in BC. He has the most amazing temperament and beauty to boot!

Bowie - Sycalcade's Making The Grade NTD

Tuff's son, Co-owned with the Pemberton family where Wrigley also resides. Stellar temperament and so much like his Daddy! Can't wait to see how he grows up.

Mercy - Sycalcade's Great Race to Nome, ATD

Out of Louise - Sycalcade's Missy May Day, NS, S, CA and Mac (Homestead's Walker Stalker MacGuffin) Energy to burn but also loves a cuddle!

Louise - Sycalcade's Missy May Day, NS, S, CA

Co-owned with Justin & Celia and now retired. This girl was amazing at Sprinter and could match our doberman in speed! First bullmastiff in Canada with a Sprinter title.

Noah - Noble Noah of Sycalcade, ETD

Tuff's son out of Danier Workabull Billie Bee. We drove across Canada for this boy and the trip was so worth it!